Useful Forms

Please find below links to some useful Forms which will open up in a new window from where to can save/print the form

Companies House Forms

AP01 – Appointment of director AP03 – Appointment of secretary

HMRC Forms

CWF1 – Becoming self-employed and registering for National Insurance contributions and/or tax

P46 – Employee without a form P45 If you are an employer, use form P46 if you take on a new employee who doesn’t have a form P45 from a previous employer. Completing the form enables you to operate the correct tax code for the new employee.

VAT 1 – Value Added Tax – Application for Registration Use form VAT 1 to register for VAT. You can use VAT 1 if you are starting a new business, registering your existing business or acquiring an existing business.

VAT 7 – Application to Cancel Your VAT Registration If you want to cancel your VAT registration, use form VAT 7. Before you start, please read our guide ‘Cancelling your VAT registration’ to help you decide whether or not to cancel your registration.