Medical Tax Affairs

Through years of service to the medical profession, we have accumulated a wealth of experience in dealing with the specialist tax and compliance issues facing doctors and other medical professionals, such as:

  • Accounting for income from different sources such as hospital PAYE work, private patients, and participation on advisory panels
  • Partnership arrangements such as income sharing or joint ownership of premises
  • Advising doctors who are technically self-employed but participate in the NHS pension scheme
  • Dealing with VAT registration for dispensing practices
  • Completion of superannuation certificates

We take the pain out of finances and help you to minimise your tax bill and make the most of your income. We can help you to:

  • Submit your paperwork accurately and on time each year
  • Claim all of the benefits and allowances available to you
  • Deal with the complex issues of VAT, Indemnity Cover, Fee Protection Insurance, etc.
  • Decide whether to set up a practice, take on new partners, expand your practice or become a limited company
  • Manage your practice accounts as well as your own personal tax return
  • Meet your obligations as an employer
  • Plan for your financial future and navigate the potential pitfalls of pension schemes, wills, Inheritance Taxes, life policies, etc
  • Maximise your earning potential and minimise your tax bill.

We offer a Fixed Fee structure wherever possible to give you a sense of security and enable you to plan your finances more effectively.